Adoption Measurement: The Pulse of your Product!

I wanted to share a couple of articles that I recently read about Product Adoption. This topic is something fascinating and is a MUST if you work as a Product Manager. My thinking about Product Adoption evolved over the past 15 years: from a simple metric to monitor to a more complex analysis that combines quantitative and qualitative info about users/consumers.


Metrics are numbers or measurements that describe what’s going on with your product. They can also be called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and can be very different on the type of Product Management your are leading (internal, consumer, B2B).

Why Adoption?

If you are leading a team that implements products or iterations of products on a regular basis, the measure of adoption should always be something to include as part of the objectives and key results (OKRs) in your Product Management Journey. Indeed, a product manager should see adoption as the pulse of how your product succeeds or fails over the months. It can provide you insights on how to adjust some of your product iterations by combining metrics like usage, time spent… This also needs to be associated with surveys/interviews to understand more the sentiment that the product generates on the users/consumers.

Depending on what king of products you are developing, you can also come up with some other considerations. As an example, if you are an internal product manager (interacts a lot with the salespeople at their own company), you might want to associate you product adoption measurement to correlation of performance of the sales people.


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