Aigues-Mortes, Salins and beyond.

Here is a great spot I discovered this past summer: Aigues-Mortes! There are 2 spots to absolutely not miss : the medieval city and the salines (Salins in french).

Aigues-Mortes, is a French south town, in the Occitanie région, in the Camague, southwest of Nîmes, Its name comes from aquae mortuae, the “dead waters” of the surrounding saline delta marshland. The city was built by Louis IX (known as Saint Louis) as the embarkation port for his two Crusades (seventh, 1248; eighth, 1270). It is enclosed by crenellated and tower-strengthened walls which trace a rectangle. The principal industry is the extraction and processing of marsh salt. Tourism is also important.

The end of the day was spent further south with wonderful views with Flamingoes and stop at Saintes Maries de la Mer, city of the Romani pilgrimage every year

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