Street Art: An outdoor inspiration during the pandemic : Jo Di Bona!

In a previous post about Simone Veil, I was referring to a street mural from Jo Di Bona and decided to write more about Street Art… There are plenty of street murals in the city were I live and will share more in a future post. Anyway, Jo Di Bona is a french artist whoContinue reading “Street Art: An outdoor inspiration during the pandemic : Jo Di Bona!”

🇦🇹 The amazing Austrian National Library in Vienna, Austria! 🇦🇹

While visiting Budapest, Hungary during an European tour in 2019, we stopped in Vienna, Austria. Vienna and Budapest are very close to each other and it is pretty easy to take the road and visit…As the 2 countries belong to the European Union, there are no customs… On our way back to Budapest, we spentContinue reading “🇦🇹 The amazing Austrian National Library in Vienna, Austria! 🇦🇹”

Do you know anything about vaccination ?

This is the time when governments are planning different waves of Covid 19 vaccination (SARS-CoV-2 virus) to immunize their populations, some simple questions came to my mind…. as my motto is to never pretend we know everything, I will start easy with “What is a vaccination?” and “What is the origin of the vaccination?” …Continue reading “Do you know anything about vaccination ?”

Simone Veil, a true inspirational leader!

Not sure if many people outside France or Europe know about Simone Veil.
As of today, this is one of leaders who inspired me the most …. but to be honest, I did not think this way when I was a teenager in the 90s in France – At that time, I was annoyed by anything politics and specifically by the absurd “war” between the left (close to socialism) and the right (close to conservatism)… Simone Veil was more center right at that time… From what I remember, …

🇫🇷 A culinary tradition : The secret of the yule log (bûche de Noël)🇫🇷

I always wondered why there is the tradition of eating a A Yule log or bûche de Noël (in french) at Christmas… The origin seems to not be religious … According to the Dictionary of English Folklore, although the concept of Yule comes from Germany long before Christianization to celebrate the Winter Solstice. The cake appeared in France inContinue reading “🇫🇷 A culinary tradition : The secret of the yule log (bûche de Noël)🇫🇷”

🇳🇴 If you visit Oslo, Norway … do not forget! 🇳🇴

During an European tour in April 2019, we stayed 2 days in Oslo! The absolute must is the Vigeland Park… well, I should say the Frogner Park….. The confusion comes from the permanent sculpture installation created by the famous sculptor, Vigeland… (An article to know more about Vigeland here!) From what I remember this theContinue reading “🇳🇴 If you visit Oslo, Norway … do not forget! 🇳🇴”

My recent learning and development journey

It is hectic to find time for yourself especially when you have a job that is demanding -During the 2020 pandemic, I tried to be more structured in the way I wanted to dedicate my time on training and development and I had 3 main objectives: learn new product management areas, dedicate time to attendContinue reading “My recent learning and development journey”