Street Art: An outdoor inspiration during the pandemic : Jo Di Bona!

In a previous post about Simone Veil, I was referring to a street mural from Jo Di Bona and decided to write more about Street Art… There are plenty of street murals in the city were I live and will share more in a future post.

Anyway, Jo Di Bona is a french artist who is using the “pop graffiti” technique that associates collages, some graffiti and some influences from the pop culture (“when it is pop, it is plenty of colors, happy and flashy”)… There are plenty of other artists using this kind of influences and their objective is to make our street-life beautiful and warmer by bringing more colors to some grey areas like virgin walls with no soul.

Mural representing Simone Veil – Jo Di Bona.

I selected some of the of the art pieces from the Artist, Jo di Bona! (all of the pix are not from me) you will recognize: Dali, Katy Perry, Mona Lisa, Madonna,Martin Luther King, Abbé Pierre, Michael Jackson, Serge Gainsbourg/ Jane Birkin (french singers) and Tina Turner, Mandela & Mother Theresa.

One of his murals was published in the New York Times created in tribute to the “Petit Cambodge”*.. this is the last one representing the french flag with the motto of France : “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”.. meaning : “Freedom, Equality and Fraternity” .. inspired from the “Liberty Leading the People” from Delacroix . (*The Petit Cambodge is a restaurant who was attacked by islamist terrorists in November 2015).

Jo di Bona also created a artpiece in tribute to Charlie Hebdo in 2015 with the words: Libertad, Freedom and Peace … you see the french cartoonist Cabu murdered in 2015 in the Charlie Hebdo Attack – (Charlie Hebdo is a french satirical magazine whose 8 journalists and cartoonists were murdered in 2015 by an islamist attack in ParisThe attack mad also 4 other collateral victims)

If you chose to know more about the artist – please follow on

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